Top 10 Best Guitar Wall Hangers

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What are the best guitar wall hangers/mounts?

There are many scenarios in which it just makes sense for you to buy a guitar wall hanger.

For example, if you have a recording studio and/or use certain guitars or other similar instruments sporadically when needed.

In some cases, you might just want to display your instruments on a wall as a way to decorate a specific room in your house.

All these reasons are perfectly acceptable but require you to conduct the necessary due diligence to pick the right guitar hanger that will protect your instrument in the safest way possible.

In this post, I will be listing the best guitar wall hangers in terms of quality and price, and will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions around this topic.

Let’s get started!

Best Guitar Wall Hangers

Summary of all the products that we’ll talk about:

String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar HangerString Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger

Total of 4.8/5

Total of 4.8/5

Deep cradle design that prevents the guitar from being improperly placed

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VEIDIA 6 Pcs Guitar HangersVEIDIA 6 Pcs Guitar Hangers

Total of 4.7/5

Total of 4.7/5

Adjustable arms can be rotated to any desired angle

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Donner Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 6-PackDonner Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 6-Pack

Total of 4.8/5

Total of 4.8/5

Made of black walnut, it feels good in the hand and looks elegant

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Hercules GSP38WB PLUS Guitar HangersHercules GSP38WB PLUS Guitar Hangers

Total of 4.8/5

Total of 4.8/5

Can accommodate a wider range of instrument neck sizes

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Neboic 3 Pack Guitar Wall MountNeboic 3 Pack Guitar Wall Mount

Total of 4.8/5

Total of 4.8/5

 Free of mechanical, moving parts that would wear over time

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WOGOD Guitar Wall Mount HangerWOGOD Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

Total of 4.8/5

Total of 4.8/5

All-steel construction with a soft sponge cover on the guitar hanger

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Moodve 4-pack Guitar Wall MountMoodve 4-pack Guitar Wall Mount

Total of 4.8/5

Total of 4.8/5

4-pack metal guitar wall mount with a guitar-shaped base

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Gator Frameworks Guitar Wall HangerGator Frameworks Guitar Wall Hanger

Total of 4.6/5

Total of 4.6/5

Sleek black standoff provides clearance for both straight and angled headstocks

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Bikoney Guitar Wall Wood HangerBikoney Guitar Wall Wood Hanger

Total of 4.5/5

Total of 4.5/5

Comes with shelf to show and place other guitar accessories

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String Swing SW5RL-C-K Guitar Keeper BundleString Swing SW5RL-C-K Guitar Keeper Bundle

Total of 4.6/5

Total of 4.6/5

Five adjustable hangers and one 48-inch slat wall rail with endcaps

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String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger

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String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger

This String Swing CC01K-BW guitar hanger is a very popular option for those that are looking for a simple but yet effective guitar hanger.

It has an extremely deep cradle design that prevents you from actually placing your guitar incorrectly in the first place.

Aside from doing that, it also has an amazing high-quality pad with high-density rubber that’s very useful in keeping your instrument’s finish intact.

If you pay close attention, you can see that the yoke pivots to cradle the guitar’s headstock, hence making it great for guitars that have a headstock with single or uneven heels.

While this hanger is perfect for most acoustic and electric guitars, it can also be too narrow for some classical and bass guitars.

In such cases, the best thing to do is measure the width of your guitar neck to choose the appropriate hanger before making any final purchase.

Other details include that it’s in the USA and that its woodblock is made of real hardwood.

VEIDIA 6 Pcs Guitar Hangers

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VEIDIA 6 Pcs Guitar Hangers

VEIDIA 6 Pcs guitar hangers are incredibly useful for a variety of instruments such as guitars, basses, violins, ukuleles, and many more.

These plastic hangers in specific have a very soft black sponge cover that’s great for protecting the finish of your instrument, in other words, it will not leave an imprint on your guitar.

For the price of other guitar hangers in the market, this VEIDIA package comes as a bundle of six different hangers.

The steel hook is rated to support up to 60 pounds, which in terms of most acoustic and electric guitars it’s more than enough to support them entirely.

On the other hand, you will also notice that both arms are adjustable and can be rotated to any desired angle.

This is a very convenient feature that allows you to adapt each hanger to any unique shape that your guitar might have in terms of headstock and neck.

Lastly, this guitar mount hook’s internal maximum width is 2 inches; most guitars will have an average neck width of 1.7 – 2.0 inches.

Donner Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 6-Pack

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Donner Guitar Wall Mount Hanger 6 Pack

Donner guitar wall mount hangers are made of a high-end black walnut that will surely make your guitar look nobler than other ordinary wall hangings.

Although a bit more expensive than the previous option, this product also comes in its package as a bundle of 6 different hangers.

The rubber rings can be adjusted to the right position to perfectly fit your guitar type and ensure that your instrument does not slip off.

At the same time, these rubber covers are also very helpful as a way of protecting and keeping your guitar scratch-free at all times.

When it comes to the maximum weight that Donner hangers can resist, the strong metal steel used in this product is very durable and can bear enough weight to support all guitar types, shapes, and sizes (load capacity is 1 to 10 KG).

These hangers were also built and designed to rotate slightly and accommodate non-symmetrical headstocks, plus its noticeable base curved edges not only prevent cuts but also make it very elegant.

Hercules GSP38WB PLUS Guitar Hangers

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Hercules GSP38WB PLUS Acoustic Guitar Stand

Hercules GSP38WB PLUS guitar hangers are another great option that you should definitely consider.

These hangers allow for multi-angle adjustments while safely locking your instrument in place and can accommodate a wider range of instrument neck sizes from 40 mm – 52 mm (1.57” – 2.05”).

On the other hand, they also have an attached N.I.N.A (Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment) that allows you to increase the thickness of the AGS arms to accommodate narrow neck instruments with a minimum of 28 mm (1.10”) in size.

Just like most guitar hangers nowadays, you will also find an attractive wood base that will complement the overall look of the display in any home or studio setting.

When the instrument is placed on the yoke, the smooth-sliding channel automatically slides down and rotates the two small arms; this holds and further protects your instrument.

To take the guitar, you would simply lift the instrument out of the housing, and then the two arms would release themselves immediately.

Also, with the use of Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber, your guitars will be taken care of and maintained scratch-free.

Neboic 3 Pack Guitar Wall Mount

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Neboic 3 Pack Guitar Wall Mount

This Neboic 3-pack guitar wall mount is pretty much a copy and paste of the String Swing CC01K-BW guitar hanger that we mentioned earlier in this post.

As a great advantage, though, Neboic is selling this exact product as a bundle of 3 different guitar hangers, which makes it way cheaper than other look-alike hangers.

The only downside to choosing Neboic over String Swing’s hangers is that String Swing has more positive reviews online and more people have purchased them in the past, which really alleviates the uncertainty on the quality.

This guitar mount wall base is made of hardwood, and instead of including poor-quality screws, this guitar wall hanger will come equipped with cold heading and thickening screws.

On the other side, the yoke of this guitar hook is intended to also rotate slightly to accommodate non-symmetrical headstocks and the protective rubber padding is specially formulated to protect your guitar’s finish.

Something I find very cool about wood base hangers is that their color solely depends on the actual natural wood that was used to build them, hence making the color of each piece unique.

WOGOD Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

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WOGOD Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

This WOGOD guitar wall mount hanger will be the first option in this list that doesn’t include a big mount base made of hardwood or thick plastic, instead, it consists of a very slim steel layer base.

This product is suitable for a variety of string instruments such as acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, and also violins, mandolins, ukuleles, and many more.

When it comes to safety, you will have a very soft sponge cover on the guitar hanger that will protect your instrument from any scratches.

In terms of compatibility, its yoke cradle pivots to adjust to the various headstock shapes available in the market today.

On the other hand, its holder neck can be rotated, so that the guitar hanger can also be applied to all musical instruments with irregular heads.

WOGOD decided to make this guitar hanger a 4-point mount instead of most other brands that use only 2 screws; this can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how you look at it.

It will stay well-aligned and hold stronger than most guitar hangers, on the flip side, you’ll be drilling 4 holes on your wall!

Lastly, this guitar hanger will be by far the cheapest option that you will find online, and by the looks of its reviews, everybody seems to be very satisfied with their purchase.

Moodve 4-pack Guitar Wall Mount

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Moodve 4-Pack Guitar Wall Mount 

Moodve 4-pack guitar wall mounts are made of a metal guitar-shaped base and an all-black design.

These hangers are able to sustain up to 40 pounds of weight, and with their deep arc design, they can ensure that your instruments are properly placed.

The guitar holder neck can be also be rotated, so the guitar hanger can also be applied to musical instruments with irregular headstocks.

On the other hand, the package is composed of 8 screws and 8 drywall anchors and the complete installation should be fairly easy and simple with the right tools.

The guitar hanger stand base is elaborately made with “polishing” to make the surface smooth and pretty, and just like we mentioned before, it’s processed with electroplating and black coating.

A few users have pointed out that the hanger’s arm foam could melt if it’s kept at high temperatures.

Have that in mind before making any purchase and always consider the environment in which you’re planning to keep each hanger at.

Gator Frameworks Guitar Wall Hanger

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Gator Frameworks AcousticElectric Guitar Wall Hanger

Gator Frameworks guitar wall hangers safely support most stringed instruments and are a really good choice for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.

These hangers feature a rubberized swivel yoke that is perfect for protecting your guitar from unwanted scratches.

Most buyers seem to have this hanger’s cherry finish decorative wall plate as one of their top reason for their purchase as it hides all mounting hardware and leaves a very clean, classic, and stylish look.

At the same time, its sleek black standoff provides clearance for both straight and angled headstocks.

While is safe for standard polyurethane finishes, the manufacturer does not recommend using this product for any vintage or lacquer finishes

The package includes mounting screws and drywall anchors that will allow you to display your guitars on any wall within minutes.

Other color options available to you are black, cherry, mahogany, satin chrome, and maple.

Bikoney Guitar Wall Wood Hanger

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Bikoney Guitar Wall Wood Hanger

Bikoney guitar wall wood hangers are very different from many of the other hangers that we have mentioned and will mention in this post.

As you can see, this hanger also comes with a shelf to show and place other guitar accessories such as guitar picks, straps, tuners, capos, and so on.

It’s made of 100% solid wood and processed with a very torched finish that gives it a very rustic style and distressed texture.

When it comes to color options, vintage white, carbonized black, cement gray, vintage black, weathered grey, and weathered walnut are some of the many alternatives that you can choose from.

This hanger is suitable for acoustic or electric guitars, ukuleles, basses, mandolins, and most instruments of similar size and type.

All screws and instructions are included in the package, and when it comes to size, this product has 15 inches of length, 4.5 inches of width, and 5.5 inches of height.

A piece of lint is also available on the actual arm of the hanger to hold and avoid leaving an Imprint on your guitar.

Make sure to properly install it on your wall in a way that you’re confident about the weight that it can support without breaking or falling.

Also, note that classical guitars are not able to be properly fitted without having to lay themselves on their own tuning pegs.

String Swing SW5RL-C-K Guitar Keeper Bundle

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String Swing Multiple Guitar Stand

This String Swing SW5RL-C-K guitar keeper bundle is perfect for those of you that want to display more than one guitar at once.

As you can see, this guitar hanger consists of a 48 inches slat wall rail with endcaps that will help you display 5 guitars facing left or right or any desired angle in between.

Please note that this product is not predrilled to ensure that you can mount it exactly where you want without having unsightly extra holes.

This means that some of the tools that you’ll require are: drill, 3/16 drill bit, level, and a screwdriver.

It also comes with protective padding to gently and securely support your acoustic or electric guitars while maintaining them scratch-free.

String Swing’s hand makes their hangers in the USA, and this particular one is made of one solid piece of extruded aluminum with a durable copper vein powder-coat finish.

The guitar keeper cradle swivels to accommodate nearly any headstock style, this ensures that pretty much any guitar is compatible and will be able to perfectly fit the hanger.

What to consider before buying a guitar wall hanger?

Getting thrown so many different products in a list is nothing but overwhelming to some people, that’s why there are a lot of small details that you can use to choose the perfect one for you.

These are some of the things that will help you make a better buying decision in both the short and long term:

Type of guitar

There’s an incredibly large variety of guitar shapes, brands, and designs.

Whether you’re looking to display an acoustic, electric, or a bass guitar, most guitar hangers will fit them all.

The real question arises when we’re talking about hangers such as the Bikoney guitar wood hanger and its compatibility with different types of headstocks such as those of classical guitars.

Just like we mentioned when we initially listed the product, classical guitars are not able to be properly fitted without having to lay themselves on their own tuning pegs.

Bikoney guitar wood hanger with a classical guitar


This is a great example that demonstrates how doing enough research beforehand is so important.

Even though this product is extremely popular and high quality, is just not the right one for some guitars.


Most guitar wall hangers will be made of either plastic, wood, or metal.

In all honesty, they are all very strong and able to support your instruments, that’s why I believe this should be more of a personal decision rather than actual facts about the materials.

guitar wall hanger materials

Nonetheless, metal hangers tend to be stronger but have a very flat surface, poor design, and limited color choices.

Plastic wall hangers are still very solid but also often come in only plain black.

Lastly, wood guitar hangers are likewise very strong but in this case, come in multiple styles, which can be very refreshing for those of you looking to match a certain aesthetic.

Number of guitars

How many guitars are you looking to display on your wall?

If the answer is just one, then any simple guitar hanger will do the trick.

On the other hand, if you have more than one guitar, then buying a package with multiple hangers or simply a bundle will be the better option.

If you read the product description of the hangers we just mentioned, you’ll notice that most if not all of them come as packs.

This means that you won’t have a hard time finding the right alternative if you need many of them, but you’ll still need to think about whether you want them separately or together.

If you want them together, then the String Swing SW5RL-C-K guitar keeper bundle will be perfect, otherwise, any of the other items in our list should be good to go.


How much money are you willing to spend?

Guitar hangers are usually priced anything from $5 to more than $100.

Just as it’s expected, the more money that you are willing to spend, the better the quality of the product that you receive will be.

In other words, the more protection your guitar will have and the lower the chances of the hanger breaking will be.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t install the hanger properly, it doesn’t matter if it cost you $1000, it will NOT be able to support your instrument.

A properly installed and cheap guitar hanger will be better than a poorly installed guitar expensive hanger.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re not sure that you installed it properly, chances are you did not!


When it comes to durability, there’s probably no way to know 100% how long any of these guitar hangers will last you.

A few tips that will help you find the one that will last you the longest are:

  1. To read online reviews.
  2. Pay close attention to the materials that were used to build the product.
  3. And to be willing to spend more.

Unfortunately, this last one might be one of the factors that will really have an impact on your buying experience and this is why:

The more you play, the higher the quality of the product tends to be!

Manufactures generally spend more time and effort on products that will give them higher returns.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune in order to get a decent guitar hanger.

(I still have hangers that I bought for $5 many years ago that haven’t given me any problem at all.)

But it definitely adds an extra layer of doubt when it comes to choosing the right one.


Some of you might need some sort of locking system on your guitar wall hanger.

This is specifically helpful for those that have children at their house, or simply have a lot going on around your instruments, for example in a recording studio.

In such circumstances, then any Hercules GSP38WB PLUS guitar hanger will be the ideal one for you.

guitar wall hanger locking

Just like we previously mentioned, these hangers have an auto grip system that when the instrument is placed on the yoke, the channel slides down and rotates its two arms.

To take the guitar, you would simply lift it out of the hanger and the two arms get released immediately after.

Types of guitar wall hangers

If you do some searching online, you’ll see that there’re many different wall hanger designs; in the end, it will come down to 3 main categories:

1. Vertical guitar wall hangers

These types of guitar hangers are the most popular ones by far.

Most of them consist of two arms/forks usually wrapped in foam and attached to a mounting base that will later be drilled into a wall to sustain guitars by holding their neck.

best guitar hanger

Vertical guitar hangers allow for multi-angle adjustments while safely locking your instrument in place and can support a wider range of instrument neck sizes.

They’re suitable for a variety of string instruments such as acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, and also violins, mandolins, ukuleles, and many more.

When it comes to price, they’re usually the least expensive option that you will find in stores.

2. Horizontal guitar wall hangers

Unlike the typical guitar hanger that places your guitar vertically, these types of wall hangers will allow you to display your instruments horizontally.

Instead of just holding your guitar from its neck as in the previous example, horizontal guitar hangers will have two points of contact with your instrument.

One of them will be the guitar body and the other one will be the middle of its neck/fretboard, just like this:

horizontal guitar wall hanger example

Source: String Swing via @williamjohnbennettiii (Instagram)

It might not be too noticeable, but these hangers also come with protective padding to gently and securely support your guitar without it getting any scratches.

Most of them fit guitars with body depth up to 2.5 inches and are fully adjustable for right-handed or left-handed guitars.

3. Guitar wall hanger racks

Lastly, another type of guitar wall hanger is called a hanger rack.

They normally come as 3-5 adjustable hangers and one Slatwall rail with endcaps that will display guitars either facing left or right or any desired angle in between.

guitar wall hanger racks example

You will mostly see these guitar hanger racks being used by collectors and guitar shops.

While they’re very convenient for those that are looking to display more than one guitar, they tend to be more difficult to install.

At the same time, they also lack the freedom to showcase instruments in any other way that’s not side-by-side.

How to install a guitar wall hanger?

After mentioning to you multiple times the importance of properly installing a guitar wall hanger, it’s only right that we talk about it.

For that, let’s take a look at StewMac’s YouTube video on this topic:

How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall

I highly encourage you to watch it since he also mentions some of the things that you need to be careful with before actually installing it.

Aside from that, he shows multiple ways that you can hang your guitar on different types of walls and uses all sorts of different tools in case you’re missing any specific one.

Do wall hangers damage your guitars?

No, wall hangers won’t directly damage your guitar!

With that being said, there are still a few things that you must pay attention to.

One of the unpleasant scenarios in which a wall hanger will damage your guitar is if it breaks and falls; in that case, either the hanger was very low quality or you didn’t properly install it.

Dust can also damage your guitar if you never take a few minutes of your day to wipe your instrument and give it some sort of maintenance.

Cleaning your guitar weekly or even biweekly will go a long way! 

Lastly, the point of contact between your guitar and the hanger’s foamed arms has been known to harm the finish of the instrument if kept at high temperatures.

In order to prevent this:

  • Maintain your guitars inside your home at proper temperatures.
  • Or simply remove the foam from the hanger so that it doesn’t stick to your guitar.

I’m personally not a big fan of the second one since this will open the doors for other types of harm to occur such as scratches.

If doing all this sounds very extra and unnecessary, then by simply checking every now and then, you should also be good to go as you will notice any changes early on and could fix them before is too late.

How to mount a guitar on the wall sideways?

The only effective way to mount a guitar on the wall sideways that I’ve seen successfully work is by buying a specific hanger that will hold both the body and neck at the same time.

My all-time favorite is String Swing’s horizontal guitar holder:

hanging a guitar sideways

This product is exactly what you would need in a situation like this!

As you can see in the image above, you will only be required to install its base, and then you can adjust the angle at which you want your guitar to lay horizontally.

One of its big pluses is having to drill fewer holes on your wall, but if that wasn’t enough, you will also have protective padding gently and securely support your instrument in all places.

One more thing is all about showing you a little bit more about guitars each day and finding ways to innovate and have fun with this beautiful instrument that we love.

If you enjoyed this post, then I invite you to go check out our blog!

We’re always sharing a lot of useful and helpful content that both beginners and advanced players can use to further their playing abilities.

As always, thank you for reading and being here! 🤘

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