How To Use A Looper Pedal?

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How to use a looper pedal

Before I start with the main topic of how to use a looper medal, it’s better to talk about certain things in its context first to have a better understanding of the guitar-playing for the beginners.

When you’re a young passionate individual and wish to do something in life with music involved, then playing the guitar has been the ultimate choice of most of the people around since ages.

This is because of the thrilling grooves that the musician’s show-off at the concerts, live shows, and the popular songs that remain on number one until a few coming weeks.

Talking about the thrill and grooves, it came as a shocking yet pleasant surprise to me that being able to play multiple chords at the same time is an art for sure but a quite possible thing to adapt with the help of a looper pedal.

As a fresh guitar learner when I used to wonder how come the popular guitarists manage the multiple grooves without any assistance from the fellow guitarist, the only answer that I received was the loop pedal.

As easy as it sounded, I tried my hand at it, or foot to be more precise, but ended up in failing big time. The imagination of using the loop pedal by just pressing and releasing was soon shown a mirror by the reality when I failed to manage the loop pedal’s press and release game.

The struggle is real and needs proper training to become a pro at it. However, if you’re someone like me whose intention and dreams are not much bigger but play guitar occasionally, then this friendly loop pedal tutorial might be helpful for you to apply in your guitar-playing techniques.

How to use a looper pedal?

Well, at first, let’s understand what a looper pedal actually is and what purpose does it deserve.

A looper pedal is an electronic device used for the recording of the guitar sessions for a limited time period. The musician can then repay the recorded guitar music and then coordinate with to make it into an amazing musical combination.

This way, the guitarist does not need any assistance for playing music in the background to complete the song/music.

This is the simplest way I could think of for explaining how a loop pedal works and its purpose as well. Also, this short description has been made up by me as back in the early days, I also found it hard to understand the real purpose and mechanism of a loop pedal.

Most of the online tutorials for the looper pedal are either too complicated to be understood by a beginner or recorded with some unidentified self-invented musical terms that make it difficult for the viewers to connect the dots of how to use a looper pedal.

So, as promised, I will be writing a shortly detailed tutorial for below for my fellow guitarists who have their musical idols as Ed Shereen etc.

Tips for using a looper pedal

Until now, we already know what a looper pedal is; however, some of you might be still unaware of what features it offers, its connection techniques, and the right way to place. Here are some of the general explanatory points to help you understand the looper pedal mechanism.

  • The cables:

There more than a couple of cables with a looper pedal. Not all of them need to be connected at the same time but it can be done, depends on the requirement.

  1. The first and most important cable needs to be connected with the guitar that will synchronize with the strings and then record the music played on it.
  2. The second cable is to be connected with a mic if you are using one, for the sound quality to be perfectly recorded.
  3. The third cable needs to be connected to the amp for an electrifying power supply for an ideal outcome of the music produced with the guitar.

Among all three of these, the first one is the most essential and necessary cable without which the purpose of the loop pedal is nothing. Other than that, the second and third cables connected to the amp and mic are also optional but are suggested by the experts for an improved sound quality.

  • The placement:

The placement of the loop pedal is also an issue which most of the beginners tend to ignore. I was also not very thoughtful about its placement until I concluded that there is something disturbing with my set up that needs to be changed.

Upon observing for more than a couple of times, it was revealed to me that my loop pedal that was wrongly placed was creating a hurdle in recording the correct music.

So, I tried to figure out the issue and came to know that the loop pedal must be placed as close to the foot to make it convenient to press and release it at the right time.

Otherwise, you would be just assuming it that you’re doing the right way and the at the right time but in reality, it’s just disturbing the actual tune that you’re trying to record.

  • Optional items:

The optional items for a looper pedal include:

  1.  Speakers if you’re in a proper musical set up or a room of your own because the grooving guitar tones might hurt the ears of the surrounding people, so remain considerate of that.
  2. Headphones if you’re trying to be more focused on the music you’re producing, for instance, writing the lyrics along or mixing up different chords.

You can add more accessories with the loop pedal according to the personal choice. Just make sure to stick to the main motive i.e. not just to mix up different strings but also to produce some great music.

Effective techniques to use the looper pedal

  • Work more on the groove, timings, and the correct instincts:

The more you work on these three elements, the better will be your music produced. All three of the features are supposed to be interconnected and should be followed along while playing and recording on the loop pedal.

The groove is the experiment of the numerous strings and chords to get the desired outcome while the timings are supposed to be the topmost important aspect of recording music on a loop pedal.

If your press and release timings are not right then the main purpose of the loop pedal will not be served.

The correct instincts are the signals that you get while playing the music and you suddenly decide to change the plan or pattern by realizing that the latest idea can prove to be better than the previous one.

  • Try to be organized by dividing the music into different parts:

This should be the first thing on the list but it’s alright to discuss it later because the requirement for this technique needs to be there all the while you’re playing and recording the music.

When you divide and organize the song into different parts, then it becomes easy to differentiate the song separately for producing even better music.

This way, not only will you help your mind relax a bit without getting mentally tired but also be able to remember the music without trying to memorize it because divided sections are way easier to memorize rather than the continual song.

  • Remember, the first part is always the base:

The first part of the song that you’re recording will always act as the base of the song. Be it beatboxing with the guitar or just the strings, the first recording will be the base and rest upcoming ones will musically follow it.

This is because the first section of the song is obviously recorded first so there is no option in the loop pedal to change the numbering of different parts of the song.

So remember this point while making the song with the looper pedal to avoid the inconvenience of changing it later because of the unsuitable recordings.

  • Play a song with multiple sections:

Try to select a song that has multiple sections. For instance, some songs have multiple grooves such as hip-hop-, rock, and melodramatic etc.

This way, it becomes easier to add different beats to the song without ruining its actual rhythm. This technique proves to be beneficial for the beginners who find it hard to manage different tune within a single song.

Also, any song with multiple sections has the space for more tunes to be added into it that is why the songs become successful with musicians that excel with the looper pedals.

These tips and techniques for how to use the looper pedal are totally based on my personal first-hand experiences that I got to encounter while learning to play guitar with the device.

Using looper pedal is neither too easy nor difficult, it all depends on your mental and musical ability along with following the above-mentioned tips for an effective outcome of the several chords and strings hit at different times but played at once.

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